Sunday, January 8, 2017

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January fishing:  A few nice Bluefin Tuna have shown up since the first of year.  20 plus nice fish have been captured by the small fleet fishing since New Years.  Not a turkey shoot, but a few fish around.  Bill Collector is available for Bluefin fishing charter through the 23rd of January.

Yard Time:  Bill Collector will be hauled at JBBW from 24thJanuary till around February 17th. She will undergo seasonal maintenance and be ready to fish by last week of February!

2017 Season:  Bill Collector is now taking reservations for our 2017 season  Our calendar is viewable online at or give us a call or e-mail anytime for availability.

Spring:  March and April seem right around the corner.  This is a great time to fill the freezer with early Spring Tuna, both Yellowfin and Blackfin, big Wahoo as well!  Give us a call and get back out on the water!

Monday, December 5, 2016

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12/4  Today we had our good friend Capt. Jerry from San Diego CA aboard.  Capt Jerry and his father (Pops) have fished with us many years.  Today Jerry and several of Pops friends celebrated Pops life with placing his ashes in the Blue Gulfstream. Jerry and friends went on to have a good day on the water.  Plenty of nice Triggers, Blackfin Tuna and a Wahoo.   

Monday, November 28, 2016

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11/27/16  Yesterday was a little choppy NE, but our salty crew was ready to go fishing!  We fished our way to the NE all day just incase the weatherman was wrong.  The morning was very slow, then we found a nice current edge around lunch catching some Dolphin, couple of Blackfin and a Wahoo.  Weather defiantly effected our fishing, but at the end of the day fun had by all!

Bill Collector will be available for Offshore trips, Tuna and Wahoo till Christmas! 
Giant Bluefin Tuna: A couple of Bluefin have been caught this past week by recreational anglers!  Several places of BFT have been sighted off Cape Lookout as well!  The Commercial season for BFT is Closed at this time.  What does this mean for recreational angling?  It means your chance at catching one of these giants is better due to a lot less pressure on the fish!  Recreational bag limits are still open at this time, but this is predominantly a catch and release fishery.  If you have ever wanted to angel one of these giants now is the time.  Give us a call for info on Giant BFT fishing!  252-247-5617

Sunday, November 20, 2016

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11/19  Nice Wahoos  today for Dennis and his crew!  Although the current was screaming we were able to mange 5 out of 7 Wahoo bites today.  Biggest was 48 LB!  Couple nice Blackfin Tuna and some November Dolphin.  Fun had by all!  Dates open this week into December.  We are now taking 2017 reservations.

Friday, November 18, 2016

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11/16 Plenty of big triggers and nice Wahoo!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

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11/6,9  Mother Nature and her Fall NE wind got us a few days this week.  Last couple of days out we scraped out a good catch.  Fun had by all!  NE wind got us again this weekend.   Bill Collector back out this weekend.  Open all week and forecast looks great Tue through weekend.  Give us a call and fill your freezer!   2017 Calendar already online.  Now taking reservations.  
Winter Blue Fin:  Bill Collector is available for Giant Blue Fin Tuna fishing late Nov, Dec and Jan.  Give us a call for info on this fishery. 252-247-5617

Monday, October 31, 2016

For more info or to book a trip, please call (252) 247-5617 or e-mail us at

 10/26 through 30  Another good stretch of Fall weather!  Fishing was slower last Wednesday, we managed to scrap out a few nice fish.  Thursday things picked back up with a good catch of Wahoo for Clyde and crew!  The last few days saw several NC Citation size Wahoo, (42,43,40 and a 67).  Also several Sailfish encounters for the fleet this week! Still a mix of Blackfin and Dolphin.  NE winds kept us in today.  Bill Collector scheduled back out Thursday, open Wednesday and forecast is great!  Round up a crew! 252-247-5617

Bill Collector 2017 Calendar is now AVAILABLE ONLINE!  If you already have a dates reserved with us for next season it should be on the online calendar, if not please contact me asap. 252-247-5617 e-mail  We are now taking 2017 reservations!

November/December:  Bill Collector will be running Offshore trips till Christmas!  Wahoo, Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna action will stay good into the winter months!  Inshore plenty of King Mackerel.
Giant Bluefin Tuna:  We will be running BFT trips when the Giants show up latter this month, call for details.

Bill Collector Wear:  BC Camo Trucker hats and long sleeve Ts should be in this week.  Get your stocking stuffers early the Holiday season! We still have a good supply of out traditional short sleeve T.