Thursday, September 19, 2019

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9/17 and past few days:   Just before Hurricane Dorian we were enjoying a steady Wahoo bite with a few Sails, Dolphin and Blackfin Tuna.  Bill Collector was hauled and made storm ready for passage of Dorian.  Dorian quickly passed and were right back out fishing by Sunday.  Despite lots of screwed up water offshore left by Dorian, the big Wahoo were snapping.  Bill Collector has written several NC Citation for Wahoo over 40 plus pounds in the last few days.  We have again been tied to the dock the last couple of days due to a large cold front with hard NE wind and swell from Humberto( Hurricane) way to our east.  It is bad not to be fishing last couple of days, but at least this front has steered Humberto away from our coast.  Bill Collector will be back offshore this Friday, we hope to have good reports!

Prime Fall dates available for Wahoo and Tuna fishing.  Wahoo just getting good and will continue into December!  Availability at