Sunday, December 10, 2017

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12/10/17  Christmas lights up and down the Waterfront, from the high exposure end all the way to the low exposure end!  Great winter deals at restaurants and motels.  The Giant Bluefin Tuna and Kings are here!  Bill Collector is running inshore trips for Giant BFT at $1350/day!  Gulfstream is available also at $1850/day,  Tuna, Wahoo and Kings!  Bill Collector will running through mid January.  Then we head to the yard for seasonal maintenance, we will be back overboard and fishing by end of February.  Round up a crew and enjoy what the Crystal Coast has to offer!   Bill Collector is now taking 2018 season reservations. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

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12/1  Great December weather, light NE winds and mid 60s!  Plenty of nice Kings and big Blackfin Tuna!  Plenty of action and meat for our crew today!  Bill Collector was offshore while a large fleet was inshore chasing giant Bluefin Tuna during the commercial opening.  There were several big BFT taken, but a lot of boats.  The small commercial quota available should be caught up by first of the week  What does that mean for recreational anglers?  It means by next week you can come experience catch and release fishing for these giants, with a whole lot less pressure on the fishery and have the opportunity to take a recreational fish for your freezer.  If interested in battling a fish of your lifetime, give me a call for all detail on BFT charters.  Also, Bill Collector will be available for regular Gulfstream trips through December.  Give us a call for info  Offshore or Giant Bluefin Tuna  252-247-5617

Thursday, November 30, 2017

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11/28  Bill Collector was back offshore Tuesday with a great crew from Topsail Beach.  We ended our day with some nice Blackfin Tuna, couple of big Wahoo and several Kings.  Fun had by all!  Wed,  Capt. Thomas  made a gamble on the Fall Swordfish and it sure paid off, they boated a nice one 400LB plus and more to the plus!  Fishing is good on the Crystal Coast and it is Bluefin time.  A few of these Giants have started showing up.  Give us a call, weather is beautiful and we have dates open  for Offshore Gulfstream, Giant Bluefin Tuan, Swordfishing or inshore Kings!  Also we are taking reservations for our 2018 season.  Give us a call 252-247-5617

Thursday, November 23, 2017

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11/21  Tuesday we had Oakland A's Pitcher Chris Bassitt and family out on his wedding week!  Weather was calm in the AM, the light SE wind started to increase.  The  fishing was reflective of the SE wind,  we did manage a decent catch. Seven Kings, three Blacfin Tuna, a nice Wahoo and two Sails.  Fun had by all!  Congrats to Chris and his new Bride!
Bill Collector off for a couple of days over Thanksgiving, we are back out Monday.  We will be running regular Gulf stream trips through Dec.  Round up a crew and give us a call.  252-247-5617

Sunday, November 19, 2017

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11/18/17  Beautiful weather, good Blackfin Tuna fishing, couple of Citation Wahoo, four Dolphin and a Sail!  Great November fishing and Bill Collector has availability.  Check out  We will be running regular Gulfstream trips through Dec.  Also ask about Giant Bluefin Tuna, Dec and Jan.  We are taking reservations for our 2018 season. 
Looking for that special Christmas gift?  Give the gift of fishing.  An offshore trip make for a great Christmas present.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

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11/16  Several back to back fronts have kept us to the dock our last few days.. Mother Nature did give us a break Thursday.  We had Roy and crew out for a mixed day of Triggers and Wahoo.  We Trigger fished in the AM and got em  pretty good, catch three nice Wahoo in the PM.  Biggest was 68.5 LB .  At the end of the day a happy crew with plenty of meat..  Bill Collector will be running regular Gulfstream trips through December, also we are now taking reservations for 2018.

Monday, November 6, 2017

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11/4 and past couple of trips:  A strong cold front kept on shore a couple of days the past week.  We got back out last Tuesday with our good friend Richard and crew.  The Wahoo were a little finicky, but the nice Blackfin Tuna bit.  Our day ended with one Citation size Wahoo, two gaffer Dolphin and several nice Blackfin Tuna.  We were back offshore Thursday and we had Capt Chris Russel (The Predator) working the cockpit.  What happens when you take CR Wahoo fishing?  He catches Blue Marlin!  We caught a Blue and were one for two on Sails.   Back offshore again Saturday and there was more Marlin action.  Capt. Mark chambers had a Blue and two Sails early, Bill Collector was two for three on Sails early.  We had a front fast approaching and seas went from calm to rough by mid AM, heavy squalls built in over the stream, so we ducked inshore and finished the day on Kings.  The inshore King bite has been very good, Capt Buddy and Gale Ann had limits of Kings early Saturday before winds came up.   Bill Collector will be running regular Gulfstream trips through December.

GIANT BLUEFIN TUNA:  If some fish start showing up we will be chasing them.  The generally show around Thanksgiving.  If interested in catching one of these Giants, give us a call for details.

Friday, October 27, 2017

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10/22-26  We had ED and crew out this past Sunday,  We did not hold onto the Wahoo bites, but we came home with four nice ones!  Two of them jumbos!  Butch, Ray and crew were here Sunday through Tues to do some fishing.  The Weather was good for the guys Sunday and the had a full day of bottom fishing with Stacy 7.  They got their triggers and Bs pretty good.  Monday and Tuesday they were schedule on Bill Collector.  We had another large cold front approaching both days.  We did get them out Monday and it was not good conditions, but they are a salty bunch and wanted to try it.  We scraped out a few fish despite high SE winds.  Tuesday was a no go. Wednesday high NW winds kept us to the dock as cool Fall weather settled in.  Thursday, still to much NW wind to get offshore, but we did find the kings along the beach.  Weather looks good next couple of days and hopefully we will have a good offshore report.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

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10/19 through 21  After a three day NE blow we got back out Thursday.  Winds were still around 20 knts and choppy.  We managed to scrap some Wahoo with a jumbo 96.7  pounder!  Friday beautiful Crystal Coast weather, calm seas and good fishing!  Our day ended with ten big Wahoo a Dolphin and Blackfin.  Six of the ten were NC Citations from 44 to 75 pounds!    Wahoo and Tuna action good through Dec and Bill Collector has dates available,

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Oct10-15  Good size Wahoo snapping, several fish 40 and 50 plus this week!  A few Blacfin and the Triggers snapping also.  Still seeing some Dolphin as well.  Fall weather her and that means time for Wahoo and Tuna.  Prime November dates available!  252-247-5617

Monday, October 9, 2017

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10/4-9:  Several big NC Citation Wahoo the last few days!  59 LB the biggest, several others 45 plus!
There has also been some Bailer and Gaffer dolphin. We had a Blue Marlin eat a Gaffer yesterday, had him on for a few minutes, then he gave us the Gaffer back.  There has been plenty of exciting action on the Crystal Coast.  Choppy today so we opted for a nice morning behind Cape Lookout, plenty of 2 to 4 LB Buefish and Stove Pipe size Spanish.  Good fall fishing!  We got prime Fall dates available, plenty of Wahoo action on into December, Tuna too.  Check out for availability.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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9/23.29,30   We had Ron Regan and crew out on the 23rd with a couple of Sails and four nice Wahoo!  Sorry no pic, think camera operator error.  High winds and more storm swell kept us ashore again 24th through28th.  Bill Collector was back out with Thomas More and crew from Dragonfly Pond Works.  Fishing was slower, messed up water conditions from swell, but we managed four nice Wahoo and a Sail.  Winds back up to 20 and gusty by Saturday, Mother Nature not being kind at all.  Our group decided to stay inshore in calm behind the beach.  Water still muddy from all the storm swell, we found a few Spanish and Kings, one AJ.  Fun was still had by all in the calm part of the ocean.  Winds have kept us to the dock since Sunday, finally a break in the forecast!  Light winds forecast rest of week and great Fall weather on the Crystal Coast.  Bill Collector back out tomorrow! 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

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9/21 and 22:  Wahoo did not bite as well Thursday as they had day before.  We did manage a great day with a nice Wahoo, bunch of Dolphin, and a Sail. Yesterday the Wahoo were back to chewing!  We had our limit of nice fish by lunch and one 58 pounder!  Weather both days was great.  We still have dates available for prime Wahoo action Oct, Nov into Dec.  Check out

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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9/20  We had our good buddy Bob and gang from Fairfield Harbor Fishing Club out today!  Great Crystal Coast fishing, 11 Wahoo ( 4 citations, 52,46,46,40LB) 30 Dolphin, 4/7 on Sails and one Blackfin Tuna.  Great weather and fishing!  Bill Collector back out tomorrow.  We have had to cancelations, Sept 28th and Oct 2nd. For all availability check out our online calendar at Lets go fishing! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

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9/13 through 9/16  After a couple more blow days, Bill Collector was back out this past Wednesday.
Limit of Dolphin and one for two on Sails.  Thursday we had back to back 1/2 day inshore trips.  Water was still muddy from the weekend blow and swell.  We found a few Spanish on the AM charter and got em a lot better on the PM charter.  Back offshore the last two days with the Wahoo bite a little slower, swell from Jose.  We did manage Citation Wahoo the last two trips with a mixed bag both days.  Several Wahoo bites, but we had a hard time holding onto them.  A good mix of some Triggers yesterday.  Swell from Jose and NE winds have forced to cancel the next two days, hopefully we will be back out Tuesday or Wednesday.  Fall dates Available for late October, November and December.  Come fill your freezer! 252-247-5617

Monday, September 11, 2017

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9/9  NE winds and swell from Irma kept us in today and probably till Wednesday.  They did not keep us from enjoying the beautiful Crystal Coast sunset.  We had Haleigh Gauthreaux and friends out for an evening B Day cruise.  Happy birthday Haleigh!  Bill Collector back out Wednesday.  Winds and seas are forecast to subside and it looks good into the weekend.  Bill Collector still has plenty of availability for prime late Fall Wahoo action, also Tuna!  Check out for availability or give us a call anytime.  We will be running regular Gulfstream trips through Dec.

Friday, September 8, 2017

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9/7 and 9/8  The last two days were a prime example of looking at the weather morning of trip. 
Bill Collector not tied to the dock yet.  The last two days has seen great weather and good fishing.  Yesterday our good friends from Ohio had some big Wahoo, Dolphin, one Citation Wahoo and a beautiful day.  Today, despite forecast of big swells, winds were light and seas glassy this AM.  Our group enjoyed Wahoo action with some dolphin as well as a Citation Wahoo.  By days end we were seeing some very long period swell from Irma.  Winds have increased this evening and swells starting to build.  Bill Collector will be at the dock next couple days till things change.  At this time looks as if the Carolinas have dodged the bullet with Irma, unfortunately our friends in Florida have not.  We are keeping them in our prayers!